Grillin’ Needs

As you will see, there are several advantages to buying local. The first and foremost is the price. Although on the surface you may feel like you are paying more, you are actually save money. The second and most important is the taste. We have focused heavily on the overall quality of the product. Once we take the animal to be processed you will simply call and tell them how you want it. I call this the Burger King effect: “Have it your way!”

Other Benefits:

• You know where you got your meat from.

• Ability to buy directly from the source.

• You are buying fresh meat. You do not buy something that has been sitting in a freezer.

• You can process the animal the way you want it. Therefore, you get exactly what you want.

• We can set up a steady supply to coincide with your needs.

• and finally, you are supporting a local farmer!

Please feel to contact me with any questions that you may have. I look forward to working with you on this.


Five Easy Steps to a Summer Full of Grilling

Step 1: Make a payment. This will go towards the overall purchase of the meat. (Non-refundable)

Step 2: Choose the amount of meat you would like. (Beef only: 1/4, 1/2 or full)

Step 3: When the animal goes in to be processed, fill out an order form. This will ask how you how you would like your meat (thickness of cuts, packaging, etc.) You will be responsible for the processing fees.

Step 4: Pay the remaining balance of the meat and the processing fee upon pick-up.

Step 5: Fire up the grill and ENJOY!!