Slide_01The History of CDK:

With farming in my blood and the love of the farm life, I created CDK in 2004. While I was attending Wisconsin-Whitewater, I purchased three registered Angus heifers from Gary and Lorraine Stamm (Pit View Angus).

In 2005, I purchased my first farm. This enabled me to expand my current operation. As a result, my relationship with the Stamm’s would only continue to grow over the next two years with the purchases of several more bred cows and heifers. During that time the Stamm’s taught me what it takes to become a cattleman. This was instrumental as I would use this knowledge to create the foundation to CDK. Once I created the foundation, I utilized artificial insemination to continue growing the cattle operation.

In 2014 CDK celebrated 10 years of raising quality beef by introducing Berkshire hogs.  This new focus has allowed for me to rely upon my experience growing up on my grandparents hog farm.   Just like with beef, quality was at the forefront.  We wanted to produce pork with the customer in mind.

Over the next several years we will continue to focus heavily on the overall quality of our product.  This will be the key to our success for years to come.